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Development of China's digital printing slow

Compared with foreign markets, development of digital printing in packaging and printing market in China to be much slower, packaging and printing with digital printing machines for packaging companies rarely, even if there are just used to fill orders, proofing and so on, while the living source of the lack of production. In the digital tide, as Indigo founder Benny Landa has said, "everything will be digitized will be digitized, the printing is no exception." Over time, digital printing in packaging and printing industries in China will usher in "Chrysalis into a butterfly" on that day, let us wait and see!  Although digital printing in packaging printing application in the field of warfare, but new growth is bound to experience a longer or shorter transition, just like its commercial area development and publication of print is not promising, but eventually formed a certain scale. First is changing traditional consumption concept. Domestic market demand for small-volume, personalized packaging was not strong, has not formed a certain scale. Personalized packaging in particular, although this form of packaging is consumers, given the current overall levels of consumption in the country, how much consumers are willing to provide "personalized" Bill? Since consumers do not "appreciate", businesses will naturally decrease the heat of personalized packaging. Therefore, the changes of traditional consumption concept is very important, but this could be a very long process. Besides, the digital printing market in China is basically imported equipment, high costs of equipment and ancillary supplies and spare parts for most packaging and printing enterprises, thus the wait-and-see attitude to digital printing, this is one of the. Moreover, due to lack of domestic market demand for small-volume, personalized packaging, packaging and printing businesses there must be a certain risk of introduction of digital printing equipment. Therefore, in the final analysis is due to the market environment. BACK