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Green printing, China year "2013 international color box shows" ready force

With the deepening of the concept of low-carbon economy, green printing has become the development trend of printing industry development. At present, with the "green printing" step by step, many companies start in green directions. Some large enterprises in the industry have taken a series of measures, such as improved production technology, improve equipment levels, reducing energy consumption. These packaging industry pioneer for more points the direction to achieve green printing printing enterprises in Sichuan.
models to reduce environmental pollution in the Green printing, as printed on the front of the old enterprise, Shanghai tobacco packaging printing company limited plays a leading role. They come to realize that in the growing process. Environmental protection is the only way of enterprise development. In order to make the concept of green printing really landed, Shanghai tobacco India changed the traditional end of the governance model, turning control of the whole production process, through the use of green technology and energy-saving equipment, and achieve the goal of reducing environmental pollution, out of a road to sustainable management.
production of energy-saving products to improve efficiency at present, many packaging companies hope that through the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, phase out backward production equipment and technology, changing the business model of extensive, constantly expanding the variety of packaged products, enhance the quality of packaged products. Carton equipment suppliers to promote technology innovation and the development and application of new energy-saving products. Hangzhou Kang, such as new machinery, Ltd main product KS1100 coated/waterborne laminating machine dual-use, it is suitable for high volume industrial coating, laminating speed of 80-100 m/min, with vertical drying oven combined with high size rolls and hot air circulation system, high performance coating adhesive consumption can be kept to a minimum. Glue unit equipped with the unique metering rollers can achieve precise coating; combined heating and heat exchange system, for maximum energy efficiency.
pursuit green products production process environmental of ink is effect products printing quality and production consumption of main material one of, from green environmental and maintenance sustainable development of production process starting, ink should has nontoxic, and tasteless, not containing lead, and chrome, and CD, and mercury, and arsenic, and barium, and fluorescent, harmful material, and other harmful solvent,, so packaging enterprise should selection no harmful material or harmful material content below related standard of ink for printing, is Sichuan printing Enterprise due of social responsibility. Tianjin Toyo ink, Ltd has always been the pursuit of "green" products as a key target, product specifications and environmental indicators have reached the international advanced level. Of their production environment, by one-step synthesis process route, get rid of rosin modified phenolic novolac resin pulp manufacturing process, complete solution containing phenol waste water problem by improving the process reduces energy consumption, realize energy saving and emission reduction.
with the "green printing" is written to the Chinese printing industry "Twelve-Five" planning printing industries set off a "green tornado", China Green printing year is already turned on, just when the industry on green printing to try, these enterprises have pioneered green practices, and their residents but also for the industry to "green" restructuring in the direction of the model. However, the market acceptance of green printing products there are gaps, as China's only professional display color box printing equipment, supplies, technology and services of the leading trading platform, on August 21, 2013 – 23rd held at Guangdong modern international exhibition center, houjie, Dongguan, "2013 international color box exhibition" shouldering the burden of advocacy, guidance. "2013 China International color box exhibition" will brings together Asia focused Yu Hou road processing of high-end color box packaging printing enterprise, understand industry enterprise understand color box printing market, change traditional Sichuan printing mode, sought more efficient green environmental of automation manufacturing equipment provides has a new opportunity, believes "2013 China International color box exhibition" this a green of of global type exhibition, will will is you transformation nuggets of choice select. BACK