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Future of digital printing and traditional printing enterprises

It is said that digital printing and traditional printing companies of the future, was made "not digital, out" claim. This led to a heated discussion on the topic on Twitter. Has users support, think said have on, traditional printing Enterprise only relies on digital printing to get better faster of development; also has users against, think this said of too had absolute, to don't application digital printing just printing enterprise on development way of a choices, not improve to survival of degree, and, from global of situation view, digital also just accounted for 5% just, also not Mexicali. So, who is right?
as you might expect, I can say is that judging who was right.
brand survey of activities through the digital printing "digital printing in China" survey in recent years, we can obviously feel, 2007-2010, steady growth installed capacity of digital printing equipment, an annual growth rate of around 30%, and 2010-2011, installed capacity by leaps and bounds, growth rates of more than 40%. Corresponding to this is that the more mature application of digital printing equipment in the home, digital printing applications are more diverse, many digital printing enterprises in certain application areas a breakthrough innovation, and formed its own characteristics.
can say that digital printing in the last two years, China achieved rapid development in the printing industry. But, we also must admitted, according to digital printing in China of development situation view, its output may only accounted for total printing output of 1% around (this numerical is according to Shanghai, and Beijing, city digital printing output share by made of optimistic inferred, 2011, digital printing output accounted for total printing output of proportion situation respectively for: Shanghai area accounted for 1%, Beijing accounted for 1.2%, Shenzhen accounted for 1.5%), although digital development tide surge, but digital printing of actual development stage Basic can defined for preliminary development.
a few years ago, when ambitious digital printing began to develop when there are a lot of people think that digital printing of this new printing method will replace the traditional offset printing, but after years of sharpening, but more people now think that will serve as a useful complement to the offset digital printing, in order to help enterprises achieve better development.
I think, about digital printing, we should have a common heart. However exaggerated or ignored, in particular printing enterprise must be introduced, that depends on the development needs of enterprises and development direction in the future. Factors affecting business has many, many, many years later, I think digital print is sure to gain more development, more companies began to use digital printing, but I also believe that, surely some don't have digital printing presses, but also because of its focus on other aspects of doing well in the printing business. Isn't it?
in addition, through observation of digital for a long time, I think, this way of printing digital printing more of out of service, while the traditional printing methods such as offset printing to produce. Transition to digital printing, actually printing enterprises transition from manufacturing to service-oriented enterprise. BACK