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Green cardboard packaging of resources and environmental protection calls for

Packaging board industry in the rapid development of national economy steady and healthy at the same time, due to the excessive packaging and packaging waste has created a range of environmental issues, mainly in the following areas:
1. consumption of natural resources.
Board products need to consume large quantities of raw materials in the production process, while the packaging of raw material into final product takes a lot of energy. In daily life, packing of goods is usually a one-off, after consumption of the finished product, packaging waste, which not only increase the amount of waste produced, but also a great waste of resources. Packaging products, especially plastic composite products of chemical waste are not easily recycled, and is not easily degradable, resource and energy consumption is even more serious.
2. Board the environmental impacts of waste.
packaging material application widely, packaging waste on pollution of effect main is scattered of waste plastic products of potential against, including occupied space and land, and damage soil structure, led to crop production, was animal swallowed led to death, increased sanitation sector of work strength and pressure,, while, floating in rivers in the of waste, effect water power and industrial and civilian diversion, caused pump jam, and take water difficult, series of problem. Followed by the Visual pollution of packaging waste, which scattered in the environment of the waste plastic products to people's negative stimulation of Visual.
in addition, packaging Board materials used in the production process of chloro-fluoro-hydrocarbons ozone reductions of paper packaging products, such as discharge of toxic and hazardous substances in the production process, also caused a considerable degree on water, air and soil pollution.
3. packaging Board waste disposal and management issues.
at present, the national solid waste volume has more than 10 tons per year, the generation of packaging waste accounted for 2%~3%, but on the volume of packaging waste in the form of household waste is about 30%. Packaging waste increases garbage, to capacity, inadequate garbage disposal facilities, and increases the processing load. Especially those who need to be biodegradable packaging waste, owing to effective sound processing, with loss of waste into the environment, have caused serious "white pollution". Therefore, the packaging waste generation, disposal and waste management has become a very sensitive and politically relevant environmental issues. BACK