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Traditional printing digital printing business transformation is currently the hottest topic

Traditional printing business transformation digital is currently the hottest topic, many companies have begun to act, and some companies are also eyeing fork in this transition, and how are they? In addition to the technology of digital trends also what factors lead them to choose shift?
1, labor cost pressures have been concerned about its living and happiness, from health care reform and control prices to wage adjustment and perfection of the social security system, to gauge businesses play an indicative requirements. According to the 2007 national enactment of the People's Republic of China provisions of the labor contract law, the employer must pay insurance for the employee. This brings greater benefits and protection for the employee, but in this case, print industry's turnover is still higher than in other industries, not only brings to the enterprise of the labor shortage and increases the risk of labor costs.
according to information available, early reforms in 1979, China's 0-14 children's population of about 1/3. By 2009, the proportion was less than 1/5, down an alarming rate. According to Ministry of education statistics, since 2007, University students in the following 13 years of consecutive growth, began to decline. In 2010, plunging 20% enrollment of college entrance examination in Beijing alone. With the promotion of family planning policies, accelerate the pace into an aging society in China. 18-22 the next 10 years will be reduced by 40 million people of the population, and between 20-40, was reduced by 100 million-300 million. More serious is the result of family planning, as well as China's social security system is not perfect, has become a heavy burden of children, which has caused the universal reduction of fertility desires. All in all, the industry itself there are labor problems much worse. Over time, as labour-intensive manufacturers that not only brings to the enterprise of the labor shortage and increases the risk of labor costs. And life is bound to more and more difficult for them!
2, material cost pressure "Twelve-Five" plan makes it clear that the primary task is to achieve green development and promote green revolution, creating a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, reduce overall energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote development models from "the black cat" to "the green cat". This not only requires the city to achieve the green revolution, to be followed in the development of manufacturing industry in the Green direction, and serious pollution of the environment in the printing business as perennial "black cat", how "the green cat" shift?
we have to green on select supplies, ink, paper, fountain, car wash water is needed to meet green standards. Printing ink enterprises commonly used solvents are toxic, contaminate the food, drug, and cosmetic packaging such items and volatile, has a strong pungent smell, will pollute the environment and affect workers ' health; flammable organic solvents, there is a safety hazard. Light pollution factors such as printing inks, press and publication administration, the Ministry of education, Ministry of environmental protection on April 6, 2012 on green printing for primary and secondary school textbooks was published notice (referred to as the notice), the notice provides that you must entrust to greener printing environment certification in the printing business print textbook. In response to the call of the country at the same time, the benefit of the community, but the move also cost pressure for profit in the printing business. 3, cost pressures on traditional printing processes not only consumes too much of the human resources, also greatly increases the time and cost. Development of traditional printed in China has faced costly bottlenecks.
traditional printing from the printing of text, graphics, scanned the last, through layout, publishing, typesetting, film, make-up, PS print, PS Edition washing, punch in the last ten process, which determines the traditional printed lengthy production cycle.
some may argue, can artificially reduce the time wasted? In fact, to artificially shorten the production cycle, is likely to cause errors in production, causing more serious than waste time loss. If you increase your printing equipment? Line within people must will repeatedly measure, because printing investment cost big, returns and not established of, such as: to printing process in the of proofing for cases, if one hours within completed two sets outside four color proofing, traditional equipment of investment need 4 group playing prototype, supporting of Sun version, and rushed printing equipment, plus by needed of staff and the quite big of plant, investment about need 2 million Yuan, this for SMEs for, is a not small of investment.
visible, increasingly away from traditional printing methods have been increasingly flexible printing needs. Currently, CI, VI Handbook has become an important part of the business. Corporate advertisement, tender and increasing demand for personalized printing, but printing fewer, time is short, fast, high quality, so that enterprises have to value the time and cost of printing. In General, enterprises require a flexible, convenient proof, saving both time and space, and cost savings of the new solution.
among the three cost pressures, labor costs and, especially, according to France's foreign trade Bank in a recent research report predicted that in the next 4 years, labor costs in China will catch up with the United States, 5 years to catch up with euro-zone countries, 7 years to catch up with Japan! China's labor cost growth of 13%, is the United States more than 6 times.
then, in the control of material and time costs at the same time, how do we reduce labor costs become the first problem to be thought of traditional Indian enterprises. Reduce labor costs means reducing manual operations, automated printing processes, digital printing can reduce manual for traditional Indian enterprises, improve work efficiency. Justification to think, this is the reason why traditional Indian enterprises select the transformation of digital printing. BACK